Cook County Clerk (DEM)

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  1. Elected offices held and civic involvement

    • Greenslate institute for justice
    • Azteca baseball league
    • victory chicago outreach
    • cantv
    • free cycle, and many pro bono domestic relation legal representations
  2. 1. How will you, as county clerk, work for transparent, accountable, efficient government?


    Cook county board minutes must be more generally available. Information must be disseminated more widely. For example: Board agendas and bills being discussed must be better disclosed permitting public access and dialogue.

  3. 2. What will your priorities be as county clerk?


    A.) curing voter apathy, measures to permit online voting featuring significant technology with voter registration cards containing chips, PIN numbers, and cvc precautions.

    B.) safeguarding fundamental confidential information such as birth and marriage records.

    C.) streamlining integrating office through cross training and educational initiatives.

  4. 3. How will you ensure fairness in elections and how will you expand voter participation?


    No vote should be left behind. Insecure machine methods must be discarded. Records must be maintained in a real time basis . The city and county systems must become seamless. The grip of Partisanship must be loosened in favor of promoting our cherished constitutional rights.

  5. 4. The county clerk’s website provides information about Tax Increment Finance (TIF) districts across the county. Will you continue to provide information on county TIFs? What else will you do as clerk to expand access to information about TIFs?


    The current website is not effective , it needs to be better designed to be easily accessible and search friendly.

  6. 5. What efficiencies are available in the merger of the offices of county clerk and the recorder of deeds that you will pursue?


    Simply, eliminate repetitive positions and concentrate on core functions of these information based offices. For example the recorder of deeds must record deeds immediately and not allow a gap to exist where fraud can thrive. Further the deed police section must be discontinued. The states attorney is vested with the authority to prosecute crime not the recorder.